Overdoing It with My Back Leads to Chiropractic Visits

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I figured we should go for a ride on our bicycles since it was such a nice day. The weather was getting so much nicer, and it had been some time since we hit the trails with our mountain bikes. I should have stayed home as I wrecked my back that day. I wanted to keep going and going and then felt a twinge in my lower back peddling in one area. I called my San Jose chiropractor as soon as I got back home. My lower back was aching and burning and it would not quit.

I either pulled something or threw my back out of whack so that my spine was pushing on a nerve. I could feel the pain and burning continuing to get worse as the hours went by. I went in early for my appointment hoping that I could get seen by the chiropractor all that faster. My back was a mess. I took some ibuprofen, but it did not even take the edge off of the pain I was experiencing.

I really despise back pain. It makes me look like an idiot. I walk all hunched over and will even cry out when it gets so bad that I cannot stand it. I do not like those days at all. My San Jose chiropractor gets me walking upright again without all the discomfort the backache can bring. I don’t know what I would do if the office would go out of business or we moved as I only trust one chiropractor.

I know the routines for the therapies, and I participate fully toward improving my own health. The electrical stim for the muscles really helps, and so does the deep muscle massage. However, it is the spinal adjustment that brings me the most relief to my aching back.